Another Happy Customer!

 We just received this email from a daily-deal coupon customer!

The Company

I bought your product when it was on Groupon. It arrived late, the mailing envelope had torn in the postal equipment, the postal service put in in a plastic bag and then delivered it to the wrong address. My neighbor brought it to me. None of that was the fault of Backside, but I emailed to let them know what the postal equipme

nt had done to their mailing envelope, in case they wanted to make changes in the type of envelope they use for mailing. They sent me another one at no charge.

The Product

I can't live with out "Backside". I used to carry my debit card in my pocket with my phone. It would always nest in the front of my phone inside the edges of my Commuter Otterbox case, then I would pull my phone out and my debit card would go flying, sometimes without me knowing. Now my phone and debit card are one, so no more dropping. Normally I only carry my debit card, so I use one of the blank cards that came with it to put in front of my debit card just too keep it from being so obvious.

I hate having to keep up with my purse while shopping. Now all I have to grab is my phone with my debit card and my membership, gift, loyalty etc. card if necessary and my car keys and I am ready to power shop. I no longer have to worry about where my purse is or if I lost my debit card last time I talked on the phone.


I attached my first "Backside" to my Otterbox Commuter case, which has a hard back. It stuck great, no fear of it falling off. In fact it lasted longer than my case which recently started cracking on the ends. I switched to an Otterbox Defender case, which has a rubbery back. The "Backside" stuck on well, no signs of peeling off.

I found something I needed, before I knew what I needed. I am showing it to my friends and family and even gave one of my extra ones to my daughter-in-law. I can't wait to see what they look like when they come out in colors!

Harriet O.